Pixelfed is an image sharing platform, an ethical alternative to centralized platforms.

Real VIPs

This Pixelfed instance is dedicated to all the awesome artists, who stands with my through my hard time.

I want especially mention @galder (local profile), @Deshacore, Alfiriel from avatarbase.de for always having an open ear for me and always stood by me through the most difficult times.

Also thanks to the following, awesome artists with whom I had the honour to work together on commissions:

All these loveable persons have helped me a lot. Whether it was to bring my characters to life with great pictures or, what I really, really appreciate, to chat. With them I never had the feeling of being just an ordinary customer. And I'll never be able to show them enough thanks for that!

I know that many artists, especially when they have reached a certain range, like to see everyone as a product or think, they are better than everyone else, but these artists do it differently. And that's exactly why it's more than a pleasure for me personally to support them even when I basically have "nothing" from. They see in everyone a valuable person, which is unfortunately far too rare in today's commercialized times.

By God, it's not my intention to force them to use this platform. I just want them to know that they are, with their work and their personality, important. At least to me.

When you have a short question, feel free to send a DM on Twitter to Naldela I. Teleyal or message me on Snopyta. However, for support requests I would like to ask you to either send an email to support@instaart.org or submit a ticket via the web interface at https://support.bka.li.

This instance

This instance should only be used by artists and their fans.

Your advantages of the Fediverse

The Fediverse differs from other social media in that it is not suitable for building fast numbers. However, the lower reach in the Fediverse is compensated for by the interactions. Even if it looks like you don't reach many, you can expect to get liked and shared, but also much higher chances to get the most important thing: comments!

What do you get as an artist on this instance?

On this instance, 20GB total memory per account is initially set up, which will be further increased over the next few months. Depending on use. Furthermore, the single image size has been increased to 200MB per image, so you don't have to worry about the size of your images. In addition:

  • The length of the biography was increased to 1000 characters. So you'll have space to write down everything you want.
  • The album size has been increased to 20 pictures. For larger picture series.
  • The picture description has been increased to 2000 characters, if there is more to say about the picture.

Currently there seems to be no working client for mobile devices with Android yet, but the site looks good in the browser on the smartphone and is easy to use.

You have a direct contact person, me. You can reach me via the e-mail address support@instaart.org.

What is InstaArt/PixelFed?

InstaArt/Pixelfed is the OpenSource and privacy friendly answer to Instagram, but with some very useful enhancements that you would never expect from Instagram. Here you get the opportunity to upload your art and share it with a wide audience. Unlike other image platforms Pixelfed is connected to the "Fediverse". This means that everyone can follow your account, even if they don't even have an account at InstaArt.org. And thanks to the standardized protocol ActivityPub, it doesn't even matter that the connected instance has to be Pixelfed as well. It also works very well with Mastodon, GNUsocial or Friendica.






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